The World’s Biggest Disco Ball

We were contacted by Biggest Disco to get involved in their ’90s disco festival they were hosting in Punchestown Racecourse for 15,000 attendees. They wanted to create an unforgettable experience and really knew that throwing the biggest disco would be the ideal event to display one of the giant disco balls that have been seen at many events around the world.

We were stoked to get involved and start tracking down a large disco ball to display, but within 15 minutes of the inquiry there was a question asked within the team here at Spectrum Productions: what if instead of just displaying another large disco ball, we try to break the world record? With that question asked and the team over at Biggest Disco on board it was all system’s go to design a disco ball capable of taking a world title.

Gathering previous world record details and learning the clear specifications involved in breaking a world record we got to work! We aimed for a size much bigger than the previous world record, just about the size of two giraffes standing one on top of the other!

With a tight timeline we illustrated a design and headed to the workshop. 2 months later and with the help of a team of over 15 staff we got it finished! With test builds and displays carried out in Weston Airport for the disco ball ahead of the grand display at Biggest Disco Festival in Punchestown we stood amazed looking at the creation that we had formed.

With final measurement complete the ball’s measurement was a total of 11.4 meters, completely smashing the previous World Record title holder! This was an amazing result for Spectrum Production’s and the team at Biggest Disco with mass media attention from news & radio channels across the world ahead of their festival. It was truly a pleasure to be part of this project and rest assured we don’t think it’s the last world record we will achieve.

MCA Events
Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Co. Kildare